💲Revenue Share

50% of Revenue generated from INS trending, INSPAD will be distributed to our nft holders on a monthly basis in ton coin. Below you can see how the revenue share model will work for our special nft holders.

How INS Revenue Share Works

  • Vip NFT: If you holding our vip nft collection(100 Limited Edition) + 50M $INS tokens then you will be added to our private whale group where we give every update related to our upcoming feature/updates/news + we give 0.5% in $INS tokens to our vip nft holders from buy and sell volume of $INS token on weekly basis.

For Example,

  • Exclusive NFT: If you are holding our exclusive nft(100 Limited Edition) + 5M $INS tokens then you will get a revenue share from our INS ton trending + INSPAD on every month. 50% revenue from INS ton trending + 50% revenue from INSPAD will be distributed to our exclusive nft holders every one.

For Example,

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